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I have a cpp code being submitted by user. I also have input and output files in my db. How do compile and run this cpp code on the input and output file I have.

Additionally how can I restrict running time and memory consumption of the above running of code. Also how do I measure how much memory is being and how much time it took to execute the above code.

Edit I got this below hack working. Now the only problem how do I limit the memory usage of running program. I will appreciate if it would be OS independent. But if its not possible solution for both Windows and Linux are welcome.

require 'timeout'

    runDir = 'run\\'

    def code_file( sid )
        return "#{sid}.cpp"

    def executable_file( sid )
        return "#{sid}.exe"

    def input_file( sid )
        return "#{sid}.in"

    def output_file( sid )
        return "#{sid}.out"

    def get_complie_command_line( sid , runDir)
        return "g++ -w -O2 #{code_file(sid)} -o #{runDir}#{executable_file(sid)}"

    def get_run_command_line( sid , runDir )
        return "#{runDir}#{executable_file(sid)} < #{sid}.in"

    def run_submission( sid , runDir )
        timeout(5) {
            run_cmd_line = get_run_command_line( 1 , runDir)
            puts run_cmd_line
            runOutput = %x[#{run_cmd_line}]
            puts runOutput
        puts "Timeout didn't occur"
        rescue Timeout::Error    
            puts "Timed out!"

    def compile( sid , runDir )
        #make the directory 
        %x[mkdir #{runDir}]

        #get compile command line and produce the exe
        cmd_line = get_complie_command_line( 1 , runDir)
        puts cmd_line
        compile_error = %x[#{cmd_line}].to_s.strip

        #run the code
        if compile_error.length != 0 
            puts "Compile Errors"
            run_submission( 1 , runDir )

    compile( 1 , runDir)
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Do you know how to do all that manually? – Sergio Tulentsev May 18 '12 at 18:03
as @SergioTulentsev said you should first know how to do that manually, then your problem is just make ruby execute that commands. – Ismael May 18 '12 at 18:06
Yes I know how to do it manually. I would g++ -o 1.cpp 1.out and 1.out < > 1.out and compare this 1.out file with output file I have. But Now I don't have way to restrict time and memory usage. Also I know there must be better way to do than just running command inside ruby. Maybe forking another process to do this job. – Hemant Verma May 18 '12 at 18:13
On most UNIX-type systems, ulimit can limit the resource usage within a shell and its subprocesses. – tadman May 18 '12 at 18:22
@HemantVerma What OS is your server running upon? – Phrogz May 18 '12 at 18:36

You can create some run script with your ruby code, say if you're using *nix-like operating system. The context of this script will be smth like this:

/path/to/timeout /path/to/your/compiled/cpp/program < /your/stdin > /your/stdout

Where the timeout program is this perl script It will kill your program if it breaches time or memory limit. From ruby you will just execute script ( or smth like that. For Windows you can use same aproach

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