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I am trying to create a simple Phonegap/Cordova app for WP7, using Cordova 1.7.0.

The VS 2012 project template displays a simple welcome message in index.html. When you touch the text on the screen the text turns to selected, and clipboard icon displayed. Also, if your page contains a picture, touching the pic turns it to be highlighted as selected.

This behavior makes the UI unusable, how can I prevent it?

What I've tried is: a) all CSS -ms-user-selectable: none etc, and b) uselectable='on' attribute in elements.

None of these prevent the selectability of the UI elements.

(Note WP7 is Mango)

Any idea?


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I've solved it with absolutely positioned pseudo element. For example, you have an element with text where you want to avoid selecting a text:

<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Duis vitae orci condimentum magna sagittis congue eu at diam. <a href="#">Learn more</a></p>


p {
    z-index: 0;

p:before {

p a {

Z-index for link added to leave open the possibility to click on it, so be carefull if you have another clickable elements in this block. Solution is ugly as a lot of things for WP7, but it works.

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