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After a portover of the joomla version 2.5.3 from a lampp to webserver i have the following trouble: i cannot login to my admin-area: what happened!?

500 - An error has occurred.
Return to Control Panel

while porting over the db-tables via phpmyadmin all went nice but - suddenly i got the follwoing error... for the user table...

MySQL says ,,, [and i guess that it was told with a prefix - a preliminary notice that told me that the users-table was not ported over due to some errors... (guessing that the local and the "web-server-database are not 100 % simmilar and equvialent... What do you say!? But - besides this - if you have a closer look at the number of tables then we see that there are tables missing... that is the important thing .... i cant help myself - there are several tables missiing.!!

#1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'USING BTREE

so then i have to do the portover of the users-table manually. but as i see now - there are more tables missing. approximatly 5 to seven tables were missing and - as mentioned above - i was not able to login

500 - An error has occurred.
Return to Control Panel

Some findings: Some friends told me that this has to do with the compliance of the dbs - the local db is not like the db at the webserver.

So i decided to reupload the complete db-stucture of the user-area .. that ar 5 to 7 [!?] tables, arent they!? So now i need to have some tables of the neweset joomla-version - i need the complete tables - everything that has to do with the "user" out of the joomla-version 2.5.4

Guess that these are the following tables:


Two questions: are these all the tables that i need? Can you tell me where to get them!?

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Do your MySQL database versions match? You need to use the same version of MySQL on both machines or adjust the SQL to match the version on the production server.

Before MySQL 5.0.60, this option can be given only before the ON tbl_name clause. Use of the option in this position is deprecated as of 5.0.60 and support for it there will be removed in a future MySQL release. If an index_type option is given in both the earlier and later positions, the final option applies.

TYPE type_name is recognized as a synonym for USING type_name. However, USING is the preferred form.

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Hello dear Burhan Khalid many thanks for the answer. I try apply all your advices. I come back later and report all my findings. Untill later the day. –  zero May 18 '12 at 18:53

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