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There is something wrong with the syntax below:

  -keepclassmembers class * {
 public void changeView(android.view.View v);


Error: Expecting separating ',' or closing ')' before 'v'

Not seeing that it really needs a , or ) but thats the error i'm getting.

Seeing the exact same error for:

-keep class com.test.activities.MyActivityActivity {
public void changeView(android.view.View v);


Would someone care to share what is wrong with this?

Its says in the manual under Processing Callback Methods:

 -keep class mypackage.MyCallbackClass {
void myCallbackMethod(java.lang.String);

Is that not exactly what I am doing?

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There is no point in giving variable names (v) in your signature, since they are not there in the byte code anyway (except in debug information which is ignored/stripped by Proguard).

And the error is right, since without a variable name, there will come a ) (or a , in case of not last parameter) before/instead the v.

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-keepclassmembers class * { *** @color/dark_brown(...); } What is the issue here I always get Error Thanks –  Mangesh Feb 25 at 23:39
@Mangesh please do not hijack questions with your comments, if you have your own question, please ask it individually. –  mihi Feb 26 at 17:24

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