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I use NopCommerce web store and work on implementing USPS shippings.

I registered on USPS service and got email with username, password and testing URL. I called USPS service to switch to production server but they said I need 2 successfully tests.

When I try to test it via NopCommerce (I set up testing url from email) it says:

USPS Error returned: Error Desc: API Authorization failure. RateV3 is not a valid API name for this protocol.

Who can help me to do integrate?

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Thing is .... those test servers are intendend to be used for testing when you are making a complete implementation on your own. Using nopcommerce this is already done ;)

The suggestion found at http://www.nopcommerce.com/Boards/Topic.aspx?TopicID=1958 is:

I assume you are trying to test the shipping rates through the URL sent by USPS in the email and using the username/password they provided. Here is the concept: the URL they send us is to test those systems which are being developed from scratch to incorporate the USPS API and then test if the integration is working as expected and are we getting the live rates. This URL, that they send us, is for the Test Server. Since we are just trying to do development on top of a third-party system, this functionality has already been implemented into the system and we dont really need to worry about the URL they send us (although using that URL and some specific values of 'origin zipcode' and 'destination zipcode' you can still test it).

Solution: Call USPS on the number they sent you in the email and ask them to transfer your account to the Production Server from the Test Server. They should do it instantly and send you a confirmation email. Thats is, you are good to go! Test it again now.. Good Luck.

Note: When you call them, tell them you are using nopcommerce and have not made your own implementation.

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