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I have a DataView which was filtered to contain only those records I need. On top of that I would like to get the first record in the Dataview.

    //appDV contains a bunch of records with different LOAN_STATUS. Here I'm filtering it by Approved

        appDV.RowFilter = "LOAN_STATUS = 'Approved'";
        appDV.Sort = "CREATE_TIME DESC";
        // If more than one record, take the 1st record
        appuser = new AppUserVO();
        appuser.APPUSER_ID = Convert.ToInt32(appDV.Table.Rows[0]["APPUSER_ID"].ToString());
        appuser.BankLenderId = appDV.Table.Rows[0]["BANK_LENDERID"].ToString().Trim();

        return AppList;

The code above is not returning the correct Row... because it is returning me the Row of the DataView BEFORE the filter was applied. What am I doing wrong?

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You can't get the row from the data table. You have to get it from the data view (dataview[row idx]). –  Mark M May 18 '12 at 19:31
Thanks! I can't believe I missed this –  Gotcha May 18 '12 at 19:47

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I don't think you need the .Table. call and instead should use

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After you set sort expression and row filter, you have to call DataView.ToTable()

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To get a column value from the first row :

string columnVal= appDV.ToTable().Rows[0]["COLUMN_NAME"].ToString();

You must use the .ToTable() first to convert you retrieved values in the DataView to a DataTable.

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