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I have monkeyrunner up and running: I install my .apk using monkeyrunner and have a device object ready. In other words

device.press('KEYCODE_MENU', 'DOWN_AND_UP')

works perfectly.

I use expect to telnet to an android emulator of mine and do gsm call SOME_NUMBER to simulate and incoming call.

I try to reject this call in the following manner:

device.press('KEYCODE_ENDCALL', 'DOWN_AND_UP')

But it does nothing... What do i do wrong ?

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As far as I can tell, there is no reliable way way to end calls using MonkeyRunner. I'm not sure why this is the case.

The question here offers some solutions.

You could also try doing:


Using the headset hook keycode has worked for me on some devices but not others.

The most reliable method that I've found for ending calls using MonkeyRunner is to use menu button. This is talked about in the answers to the question that I linked to above.

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If you are using

gsm call SOME_NUMBER

to start the call. you can use either

gsm cancel SOME_NUMBER

to reject the call or

gsm accept SOME_NUMBER

to accept it.

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