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The DDX technology was created for linking resources with class members (for example). In my solution I need to make the connection between myCCtreeCtrl (instant of CCtreeCtrl) does not living in resources with class member CCtreeCtrl. Now I have CTreeCtrl in resouces and silmple doDataExchange:

#define IDC_TREE_LAYER0                 2000   
#define IDC_TREE_LAYER1                 2001
#define IDC_TREE_LAYER2                 2002

// ============================================================================
void ForcesGUI::doDataExchange( int id0, int id1, int id2, CDataExchange* pDX )
// ============================================================================
   DDX_Control(pDX, id0, m_tree[0].data);
   DDX_Control(pDX, id1, m_tree[1].data);
   DDX_Control(pDX, id2, m_tree[2].data);

but in future it will be necessary to delete CCtreeCtrl from resources and make instance.

You'll ask me why do you need deleting from resources?

The answer is: In project I have 3 CCtreeCtrls each of them live on his own bar. There is no different betwen them. That is why I want to use 1 bar class with 1 tree on it instead of redundancy. After I'll create 3 instance of bar and here appears problem with DDX wich does not work here.

Have you any ideas how can I replace basic DDX? May be it will be WinAPI or something else. In any case thanks for help.

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It is difficult to decipher your question. Not sure what you're asking. –  Mark Ransom May 18 '12 at 21:04
In two words I need to write method (like DDX) which will carry out the interaction between object myCCtreeeCtrl and class member m_CCtreeCtrl. The problem is that I can't use resources. –  Diego666 May 19 '12 at 3:38

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If the control isn't generated automatically from a dialog resource, you'll have to create it with the Create method. You'll want to do this in OnInitDialog or whatever equivalent is in your parent window. By creating the window with Create it will automatically be connected to the object you created it from - no need for DDX_Control.

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Perfectly. Thanks, Mark, I even did not imagine that is so easy. –  Diego666 May 19 '12 at 10:49

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