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In background page:

var w =,'Example','width=675,height=350');{
  if (w.location.href!=URL) {
    alert(w.location.href); //undefined

So, why w.location.href is undefined and why I can't access to do any scripts in w (w.document.write('qweqwe');//document==undefined)?

I need to: 1. Open page with URL. 2. Detect redirect. 3. Get URL whereto page have redirected me. 4. Do something with the second URL.

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You are running up against one of the primary security restrictions that are built-in to modern web browsers. What you are trying to do is called "cross-site scripting", and the simple answer is you are not allowed to do this.

Look up "cross-site scripting (XSS)" and "javascript code signing" for more information. Good luck!

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I know about XSS. ;) By extension's permissions I can do ajax queries, e.g. on I think, for popup windows chrome extension's API has smth. – anony_root May 18 '12 at 22:36
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I added domain name of site in permissions, in manifest, and now I'm able to make AJAX requests to this domain.

Also permission "tabs" was helpful.

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