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I've recorded a "web performance test" but when i try to run it, it constantly shows status "pending" and when i try to stop, it just shows message "Test run stopping" and nothing happens. the only way i can stop it is by closing the Visual Studio and reopen it.

the test that i am trying to run is a very simple test of click of a button and capture the response.

i have VS 2010 Ultimate running on Win7 Enterprise.

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Is it possible that you have the current Test Settings configured to use a Controller machine that is unavailable? This can cause the behaviour you describe. Make sure you have it set to Local Execution. – agentnega May 24 '12 at 20:36
I have the same problem for a project that contains just the wizard files generated by VS as a new test project on VS Ultimate Win7 Enterprise – Dejas May 27 '12 at 3:39

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Very similar issue for me. Fixed it by applying Visual Studio SP1.

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Same worked for me.

In my case the installation of VS2012 was the reason for the problem:

  • VS2010 was working correctly for months.
  • I installed VS2012 Shell
  • Above error showed up.
  • Solved by installing VS2010 ServicePack 1.


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