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I have a problem with programming movement using C++ and Ncurses. I'm programming a pacman and the main problem is, that I just want last pressed key in time period.

When I use usleep, it saves every key pressed during sleeping and then it's working with that in the order.

Thanks for ideas.

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Are you in no-delay mode? If so, this might work:

last_key = ERR;
while ( (key=getch()) != ERR ) {
  last_key = key;
// "last_key" now holds most recent key, if there was one, else ERR
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And is there any possibility to make it using delay mode? (out of curiosity) – user42464677 May 19 '12 at 8:47

What did you try?

Something like this should work, if I understood correctly what you try to achieve:

int t = your_delay;
while (t --> 0)
    c = getch();

If you really need to time it down to the microsecond, this might not be the best approach, but if you can have some tolerance, this should be enough.

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