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I am using ffmpeg to create video file from by using the loop_input command and create an flv file as a wrapper then export it as mp4. For some reason when the video plays the image is clear as time goes on it starts to get really pixelated. Is there something I need to do to retain the quality during the looping or anywhere else that would help?

This is my video out parameters, not the whole line.

ffmpeg -loop_input -f image2 -i myimage.jpg -r 20 -g 20 -vcodec flv 
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Ah, thanks to this post I see what my problem was.

Image sequence to video quality

I forgot to add a bit rate. I'm used to only setting bit rates when dealing with video only but sense I was converting it to a video, of course it still needs it or it will guess and it will be very low. I used -b 1000k and the image looks great.

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