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I'm trying to convert an SVN repo over to multiple git repos. So far I have been using git svn clone svn_repo_project_path for each project in SVN. I have noticed that git does not seem to follow svn copy operations so the resulting history is much briefer than I expect. Suppose my SVN repo looked like this:


  • a
  • b
  • c
  • parent-proj
    • b
    • c

Projects b and c were recently copied under parent-proj as part of a restructuring effort with the intention of eventually deleting them from their old locations under root. When I do git svn clone http://svnhost/parent-proj the resulting git repo is missing all of the history that originated from /b and /c before the move.

Is this a limitation of git-svn or is there some way to get this history to show up in my repo? From my limited research it seems that using the filter-branch command as described in Getting complete history of an SVN repo that's been renamed using git-svn may work although in my case there are multiple parents which probably complicates things. Could cloning the entire repo first and then splitting out new repos from it (using filter-branch?) be a better approach?

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I am getting blame history of all files even when they move directories. And my git svn clone also tracked projects outside of the directory being cloned (where they originated from). –  Shadow Creeper Aug 31 '13 at 2:11
@ShadowCreeper: What version of Git were you using? I'm having the same problem as Patrick –  Pylinux Oct 2 '13 at 20:02
I'm not sure which version they were cloned with. I believe it was originally a 1.7 release (it was a few months ago with the then-latest version from debian wheezy). However I recently recloned one of the projects with a messy history using v1.8.4 and it behaved the same (some SHAs are of completely different trees). Maybe the SVN server version is more important? I believe that is still on 1.7. –  Shadow Creeper Oct 3 '13 at 6:38
Maybe you need a git refresher? I wanted to see the history of a function in my git repo (cloned using git svn clone) today, so I searched stackoverflow and came across stackoverflow.com/questions/4908336/… which showed me git blame -C MyFile which gave me the blame history of the function I wanted all the way back to the original file (which was in a different directory) that this file was copied from (the original file still exists in the new directory today but those lines are no longer in it). –  Shadow Creeper Oct 3 '13 at 23:55
First things first: Does svn remember history before project copy correctly? Do svn log and svn log --stop-on-copy and compare results. –  Patryk Obara Mar 4 at 14:28

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