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I'm using Spring Roo and want to access a bean within of Controller class which has following configuration in applicationContext.xml:

<bean class="" id="jobsConfiguration" autowire="byType">
 <property name="skipWeeks" value="4" />

The configuration class itself is:


public class Configuration {
 private int skipWeeks;

 public void setSkipWeeks(int value) {
  System.out.println("SkipWeeks set auf: " + value);
  this.skipWeeks = value;
 public int getSkipWeeks() {
  return this.skipWeeks;

In my Controller I thought that a simple Autowired annotation should do the job

public class SomeController extends Controller {
 private config;


During startup Spring prints the message within the setSkipWeeks method. Unfortunately whenever I call config.getSkipWeeks() within the controller it returns 0.

Have I to use the getBean method of the ApplicationContext instance or is there some better way?

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autowire="byType" is redundant. It indicates that fields of the Configuration class should be autowired, and you have just one primitive. So remove that attribute.

Apart from that, config.getSkipWeeks() must return 4 unless:

  • you are using a different instance (made by you with new)
  • you have called the setter somewhere with a value of 0
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