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I noticed that the fact tables used in a cube were actually views. Infact they were the templates of the fact tables (i noticed it in the script that "where 1=2" was used for the fact-views).

So, if the template is used, there wont be any data in the view at any cost (and i dont know if I can insert in the view becasue I dont have insert privilege in the view).

So, my question is: Am I missing something in the cube to look at? because the cube is designed by a very experienced dev and I am just a QA. The cube designing pane shows clearly that it s using the template (as it shows in the yellow header of each rectangular shaped object in DSV designer. Can it be referenced to any other table/view as opposed to what is being shown in the header?

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Not entirely sure why this is a CW, but regardless, you're not missing anything. The fact table can be a view (and in fact, I do this a lot with testing).

What you are missing is that you cannot insert into a view because it's read-only (henceforth, "view"). You're looking at a SELECT statement from other table(s). Since it's abstracted, there's no way that you can insert data into the view--the view only reflects data in its source tables.

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Ok. I got you. But, what about a fact view being a template. Is it possible for a cube to process? – sagar Jun 30 '09 at 21:14
What do you mean being a template? – Eric Jun 30 '09 at 21:15
well i mentioned it in my title. Anyways, the view contains no data. It contains only column names. And it is designed that way (using select query...where 1=2). I am not seeing the point using that kinda view in a cube. Can a fact table/view be empty? I dont think so. Well, it could only if it has foreign keys. I hope I am clear. – sagar Jun 30 '09 at 21:21
Yes, a fact table can be empty. It will just bring in absolutely no values (hooray for null!). You can still process dimensions, etc, and they will still be navigable. Just don't use the NON EMPTY clause in your MDX! – Eric Jun 30 '09 at 21:27
Additionally, it seems that somebody would only do this to see if their dimensions process correctly, which is a bit odd, since you can process all of the dimensions and browse them within BIDS. Generally, facts are the easy part (relatively speaking), so it strikes me as odd that you aren't loading up the facts to test against. Validation is the most important thing... – Eric Jun 30 '09 at 21:30

It may be a case for maintaining a many - many relationships developer might have used the fact table to match primary keys of 2 diff dimensions

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