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I'm currently working on an Android App and, almost every time I use it, I get a an error. Most of the time it doesn't crash the app, but it is still frustrating that I'm seeing this error. I thought I did a check for it, but I could be wrong. Thanks for the help! The relevant code is below. (It's relevant because the line outside the if statement is throwing the NullPointerException.)

 Activity activity;     

 if(activity == null)
   activity = new Activity();

 Intent intent = new Intent(activity, Service.class);
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I think you forgot a semicolon inside the if statement. –  Hidde May 18 '12 at 22:32
That's no real code, that doesn't even compile –  K-ballo May 18 '12 at 22:34

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You should post some more of the surrounding code, but your problem is that creating new Intent requires a valid Context. Usually you create an Intent within an Activity (or Service or BroadcastReceiver) class so you can just do something like:

Intent intent = new Intent(this, Service.class);

Occasionally you'll create it somewhere else and pass it that valid Context, but you should pretty much never create an Activity by calling the constructor directly. There's a lot of other initialization necessary to make it useful.

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I hadn't originally been instantiating it that way, it's instantiated elsewhere, I'm just using activity = new Activity() as more of a check. It was throwing the null pointer exception, so I thought if I even gave it an empty activity, then it wouldn't throw that error anymore. I was obviously wrong, but I didn't think Service.class could be the cause of the problem. –  NSchulze May 18 '12 at 22:45

You don't usually instantiate the Activity class in this manner. Please see the documentation on the Android Activity class here:


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As postet previously there is more to initiate for an activity than calling the constructor. Probably you get a null pointer exception deep within the Intent Constructer where it is trying to get some of the Activityinformation usually provided.

If you really want to create a Service, heres a link for starting a Service, but you should really read the whole article and probably some more of the activity lifecycle ressources.


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