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Hey guys I'm getting three things right now that I'm trying to take care of, and hoping you can help. I have and error, a warning, and a notice in my code that I would like to patch up and am hoping that you can help me, errors are as follows.

There are the wonderful errors

PHP Warning:  Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in php/libraries/RotateLatestAssets.class.php on line 35
PHP Notice:   Undefined variable: config in php/libraries/RotateLatestAssets.class.php on line 18
PHP Notice:   Undefined variable: json in php/libraries/RotateLatestAssets.class.php on line 31
PHP Notice:   Undefined variable: json in php/libraries/RotateLatestAssets.class.php on line 32

And then there's a really really weird one I comment out in my code.... I'm thinking gnomes, but who knows....

Here's the class


class RotateLatestAssets
    protected   $config;

    public function __construct()
        $this->config = $config;

    //* Public Methods

    public function getAssets()

        $this->json = self::jsonDecode($this->config, true);

        define('latest',    __DIR__ . $json['paths']['latest']);
        define('dist',      __DIR__ . $json['paths']['dist']);

        foreach($this->json['files'] as $fileName => $fileVersion)
            $cacheName = implode("-$fileVersion.", explode('.',$fileName) );
            if(!file_exists(dist . $cacheName))
                try {
                    copy(latest . $cacheName, dist . $fileName);
                } catch(Exception $e) {
                    echo 'Copy Exception: ',  $e->getMessage(), "\n";


    //* Static Methods

    * Returns a json decoded object or array
    * @param    string  $json
    * @param    bool    $toAssoc
    * @return   object|array Depending on the parameter supplied

    private static function jsonDecode($json, $toAssoc = true)

         * Based on known JSON_DECODE() errors
         * 0 = JSON_ERROR_NONE
         * 1 = JSON_ERROR_DEPTH
         * 3 = JSON_ERROR_CTRL_CHAR
         * 4 = JSON_ERROR_SYNTAX
         * 5 = JSON_ERROR_UTF8

        $result = json_decode($json, $toAssoc);

        /*  Will produce this sometimes out of the blue after a few refreshes?

            PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 
            'JSON Error:  - Syntax error, malformed JSON' in php/libraries/RotateLatestAssets.class.php:99

            Stack trace:
            #0 php/libraries/RotateLatestAssets.class.php(28): RotateLatestAssets::jsonDecode(NULL, true)
            #1 php/libraries/RotateLatestAssets.class.php(119): RotateLatestAssets->getAssets()
            #2 {main}
              thrown in php/libraries/RotateLatestAssets.class.php on line 99

            case JSON_ERROR_DEPTH:
                $error =  ' - Maximum stack depth exceeded';
                $error = ' - Invalid or malformed JSON encoding';
            case JSON_ERROR_CTRL_CHAR:
                $error = ' - Unexpected control character found';
            case JSON_ERROR_SYNTAX:
                $error = ' - Syntax error, malformed JSON';
            case JSON_ERROR_UTF8:
                $error = ' - Syntax error, malformed UTF-8 characters';
            case JSON_ERROR_NONE:
                $error = ''; 

        if (!empty($error)) throw new Exception('JSON Error: '.$error);
        return $result; 

    * Returns bool value for state of array recieved dev:(true) live:(false)
    * @param    array   $array
    * @return   bool

    private static function checkMode($array)
        if(!is_array($array)) throw new Exception("Wrong Type Passed. Expecting (array), received (".gettype($array).")");
        return ($array['dev'] == 'true') ? true : false;

$instance = new RotateLatestAssets($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'build/config.json');

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In your constructor, you have:

$this->config = $config;

Yet the $config variable is never created, so it has no value.

You do the same thing in getAssets(). You use $json, but it has never been defined.

The invalid argument error is because you are essentially doing foreach(null which is wrong, you can only iterate an array.

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