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I'm trying to write my first project with using of GWT. And I do not understand the principles of the internationalization of GWT application with UiBinder. I used JSP before now. I clearly understand the internationalization of the technology:

<fmt:message key="myValue" />

In GWT the similar tag can have some content:

<ui:msg key="myKey" description="myDescription">My content</ui:msg>

It is unclear for me. What does the content of this tag mean? What is sense in it? All the data as I understand it should be taken from .properties files. And what do the attributes key and description means? What values they should contain?

I would be very grateful if someone can available explain how does internationalization work in UiBinder. Thanks in advance!

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UiBinder i18n works by generating a Messages interface under-the-hood, so to understand UiBinder i18n, you actually only need to understand GWT i18n.

Each ui:msg is turned into a method in the interface, each attribute of ui:msg is turned into an annotation on that method, and the content of the ui:msg is turned into the value of a @DefaultMessage annotation on the method, with each widget or ui:ph turned into a placeholder and resolved at runtime.
Similarly, some attributes attributes on the top-level ui:UiBinder element are turned into annotations on the generated Messages interface.

In GWT i18n, you can have one locale integrated into your code, in the form of annotations (@DefaultMessage within a Messages interface), without the need for a *.properties file for that locale. The locale is given in a @DefaultLocale annotation on the interface (ui:defaultLocale in UiBinder). Only messages for other locales have to be provided in *.properties files.
(note that you cannot use all features of Messages from UiBinder: plurals, selection, optional arguments, etc.)

So, to answer your more specific questions: key gives the key used to lookup the message in the *.properties file (for all locales besides the ui:defaultLocale, where the message is given right in the UiBinder file), and description, as well as meaning, are only a hint for translators.

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thorough and concise – pb2q May 20 '12 at 17:21

I think the best way to do uibinder internationalization is follow the steps of this blog:

I have tested it and it works like a charm!

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