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I'm writing a plugin for Eclipse and I'm wondering how I can listen on editor text changed events for any of the active editors.

Basically I want listener events to fire when any text is modified in any of the open editors.

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You want to get to the JFace Document object associated with the editor and add an IDocumentListener, that should get you started.

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Are there any listeners to know when a new editor is opened (ie. a new file is opened)? –  Huur May 20 '12 at 20:32
Yes, IPartListener. This will also let you know when the parts are activated. You can see if the part is an editor because it's a subclass of EditorPart (or might implement some interface). –  Francis Upton May 20 '12 at 20:37
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Sounds really untypical. Also very intrusive and dangerous. Why would you want to listen to any typing in any of the editors? It is strongly recommended not to do it. Shouldn't that be limited to a bunch of editors for a same model (IEditorInput)?

IWorkbenchPage page = PlatformUI.getWorkbench()
    IEditorReference[] editorReferences = page.getEditorReferences();

From editorReferences try and find out a way to add a listener. IEditorReference is a handle, it doesn't mean the editor is activated. When you open eclipse, editors are activated lazily (when they are clicked for opening). So activating all open editors can also cause performance issues.

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