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I am trying to create a Super Column Family that will replicate a structure like this.

{ 'hd':
    '2008/12/12 10:03': { metric1: 'blah', metric2: 'blah'}
    '2008/12/2 9:03': { metric1: 'blah', metric2: 'blah'}
    '2008/12/12 10:03': { metric1: 'blah', metric2: 'blah'}
    '2008/12/2 9:03': { metric1: 'blah', metric2: 'blah'}

My current try looks like this:

create column family Timestep
with column_type = 'Super'
and comparator = 'AsciiType'
and subcomparator = 'DateType'
and default_validation_class = 'DoubleType'
and key_validation_class = 'AsciiType'
and column_metadata = [
    {column_name : metric1, validation_class : DoubleType}
    {column_name : metric2, validation_class : DoubleType}

But if I try and run the above in the cassandra-cli:

java.lang.RuntimeException: org.apache.cassandra.db.marshal.MarshalException: unable to coerce 'open' to a  formatted date (long)

Maybe I am not understanding what a super column family is properly, but any help would be awesome.


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It is very strongly recommended that you not use supercolumns, especially in new design. They have never been problem-free, and now they are deprecated and much more capably replaced by composite keys.

Your data could be nicely represented like this in CQL 3, for example:

    hardware ascii,
    when timestamp,
    metric1 double,
    metric2 double,
    PRIMARY KEY (hardware, when)

Or, depending on exactly what you expect to have, it may make more sense to use:

    hardware ascii,
    metricname ascii,
    when timestamp,
    value double,
    PRIMARY KEY (hardware, metricname, when)

See this article for more information on how these translate to storage engine wide rows in Cassandra.

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May I know which API u are using? If it is Hector, then I might help you. But i personally recommend you not to use super column because, getting sub columnlist from a super column is a headache. Plus there are lots of performance related issues. Moreover super columns are getting deprecated. So better go with composite keys.

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