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Trying to implement page turning animation exactly as the flipboard ipad app. I have referred some blogs and following links :

Android: How to make the flip animation for android activity, as like iphone flip horizontal from left to right?

How to do page flip/turn/curl effect in android

but able to implement only the normal page curl effect. Is there a way to implement the page turning effect for view flipper similar to flipboard ipad app in android? The flipboard ipad app animation is as in the following link :

Flipboard ipad app

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Here is a good tutorial that explain this principle(it's implemented with Flex, but works with android too).

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Try this: http://openaphid.github.com/blog/2012/05/21/how-to-implement-flipboard-animation-on-android/

It may not meet your requirement as it uses OpenGL ES.

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yes, but i was asking for the flipboard ipad app. +1 and thank you for the useful info. –  poovi.org May 23 '12 at 6:36

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