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I am hosting my .net webservice on godaddy server. I have given read/write rights to folders. But it doesnt provide giveing rights to any file.

So when i am trying to upload any file from my webservice to the server, it gives me an error

"You dont have rights to access D:\Hosting\957031\html "

What can be the problem ?

How can i solve it ?


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Most probably the IIS User does not have enough permission to create / write files in html folder. You should contact your hosting provider for this.

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thanks for reply. Ya you are right. We dont have rights to create/write files in html folder. I have solved my problem by creating new folder in html folder and than giveing the access rights to that new created folder. And It works fine. Now i can upload my files in that folder. : ) –  Rohan May 19 '12 at 6:19
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