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I want to implment push_group/pop_group of cairo with QPainter, but QPainter resets all its state while begin() with a new painterDevice, so I have to save/revert all state manually.

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Yes, just check out QPainter::save() and QPainter::restore().

If you want to save/restore between the lifespan of multiple QPainters, you have to do it manually. You could just create a class PainterState that encapsulates the painter state (pen, brush, transform, etc.), and then store a QStack<PainterState>.

There is a QPainterState class, but it is for internal use only, and I think it's only for use with a single QPainter. See the source ("qpainter_p.h") if you're interested in the QPainterState members (too many to copy here).

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so, when I begin() on a new device, the saved state will be still there? save() begin() restore() will do the job? –  feverzsj May 19 '12 at 6:08
@feverzsj I don't think so. If you're using multiple devices, you have to manage the state yourself. But, like I said, creating your own QStack<PainterState> should be easy. –  Anthony May 19 '12 at 6:11

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