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I been trying to debug my code for a while. Basically, the code process are :

  1. create CGI::Session->new
  2. store value into the session
  3. retrieve the value from session with the session id from cookie sent by browser with CGI::Session->load($id)
  4. update the session value
  5. after update, retrieve session again with CGI::Session->load($id)
  6. the value returned is new value, but when reload again it becomes old value, and change alternatively with every reload
  7. I have also called $session->flush() function everytime when I update the session value.

I aware that apache is using different child process, but isn't that the CGI::Session value is stored into the file and retrieve from the file ? which already been shared by child processes. Or the CGI::Session retrieve from its memory which is different among the child ? How can I force the CGI::Session to retrieve from the file instead of memory ? Or how to solve this ?

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Edit the question to provide real code, not a paraphrase in English prose. –  daxim May 19 '12 at 7:39
Hi, I am aware of this, but my code is just too big and libraries in multiple file calling each other which make it impossible to summarize the code. So I have to go this way. But finally I have found the cause. I have to undef($session) instead of $session->flush() , because calling flush function does not destroy the $session, the $session is still cache in memory by modperl, and when I update a session, not all child process that has the session will be updated. So the one that's not updated will overwrite the session db file with the old value. –  William May 28 '12 at 8:24

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