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In the following code I am getting error: Undefined variable: base_url on line 27 and Cannot access empty property on line 27.

I need to echo the parameter http://google.com passed in get_url() from render().


$smart_url = new smart();

$smart_url -> get_url('http://google.com');

echo  $smart_url -> render();

 * Smart URL

class smart {

private $base_url;

 * @param string $url
public function get_url($url) {
        $this -> $base_url = $url;


 * @return string $base_url
public function render() {
    return $this -> $base_url;



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This is a common PHP newbies mistake. Don't vote down on the question. And just btw as much is it asked as much easier it will be for newcomers to find their mistake. I asked a similar question myself an year ago. :D –  Itay Grudev May 19 '12 at 7:27

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It's just a syntax error. You access your parameters this way:


Without the $before the parameters' name

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Thanks for your contribution... –  Cooly Wizardy May 19 '12 at 7:22

Syntactically incorrect...
$this -> $base_url = $url;

Should be

$this->base_url = $url;
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Short answer:

Use: $this->base_url

Long answer:

When you are accessing properties you don't need the dollar sign. Access them simply as that:


The second one would access a class property with the name $base_url (the content of the variable).

This is a common mistake. Use the dollar sign only for declaring variables in this context:

protected $base_url;
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$this -> $base_url is wrong; no $ ,$this->base_url

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