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I have the following string with separate delimiters that needs to be parsed out and I am running into a bit of a wall at the moment.


category 1---category 2;subgroup 1||subgroup 2---subgroup 1;value 1||value2---value 3

I wanted to re-arrange into the following grouping:

category 1;subgroup 1;value1;subgroup 2;value 2;category 2;subgroup 1;value1

The "---" delimiter separates a category and its values. The "||" delimiter separates fields belonging to the same category The ";" delimiter separates the field types (category; subgroup; value) There can be N categories of which they can have N subgroups.
each value is associated 1:1 with its subgroup

The first pass through works fine but once I hit category 2 everything nulls out. I know I'm missing something obvious but I'm a little hazy right now and Java is not my first language. Here is what I have so far (sans delimiters)

StringBuilder result = new StringBuilder();
String categoryArray[] = category.split("---");
String subGroupArray[] = subgroup.split("---");
String valueArray[] = value.split("---");

 for (int counter=0; counter<categoryArray.length;counter++){

	 String categoryArray2[] = categoryArray[counter].split("\\|\\|");
	 String subGroupArray2[] = subGroupArray[counter].split("\\|\\|");
	 String valueArray2[] = valueArray[counter].split("\\|\\|");

	 for (int counter2=0; counter2<subGroupArray2.length;counter2++){



return result;

Any help or optimized approaches would certainly be appreciated!

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What are the actual values of category, subgroup, and value? – stevedbrown Jun 30 '09 at 22:57
I can't understand the intended relationships between categories, subgroups and values and how your notation convention expresses them in the first string. Can you clarify in your question? – Steve B. Jul 1 '09 at 0:47
I'll try to clarify a bit on the relationships. – godel Jul 1 '09 at 14:15

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Your algorithm is basically right. The problem is that String.split() works with regexes as the input, not a string. So "||" does not mean the String "||", it means whatever the regex means. So replace this:




And it should work.

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You're right I did forget that | is a metacharacter and I didn't escape it properly. Thanks much. The algorithm is still failing on the second pass through though and returning nulls. – godel Jul 1 '09 at 14:29
Actually there was an anomaly in the data coming down-stream that ended up throwing my errors. Everything is fixed now and the algorithm works fine. I'll award you as I likely would have banged my head on that one a bit later. – godel Jul 1 '09 at 15:31
I got it working using the same code, but I had to fill in the definitions for category, subgroup and value since you haven't given anyway. I used the values from input.split(";"). – jameshales Jul 1 '09 at 15:35

Start with writing some junit tests given the input as a string, and the output structure you expect. Paste the whole test class here, along with your failing implementation.

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