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Suppose I have made a project on PHP-GTK. Now how can I run the PHP-GTK without opening the command prompt?

Like in other software, we have a icon on the desktop, by click on that we can run the program, I want to do the same with my program made in PHP-GTK.

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You can make a .bat file which executes with a double click. If you are under windows, I guess there must be something similar for unix. This is how you do it for windows:

"%CD%\..\..\PhpGtkRuntime\php.exe"  "%CD%\test.php"

Of course you will adjust it to your folder depth but the idea is the same.

You can also look this answer which is closely realated and talks about things of immediate interest: Check here

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if you use Linux, you can create a shell script and put the command with & to run in the background?

[command] &

If you use Windows, try

start [command]
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this solution workes for me on windows XP SP3

let the phpGtk binary be C:\monitor\bin\php\php and the phpGtk main script file to be C:\monitor\system\monitor ui\monitor.php

use a bach script (monitor.bat) file like this:

    @echo off
    rem Hideself
    "C:\monitor\bin\php\php" "C:\monitor\system\monitor ui\monitor.php" %*
    rem Hideself

rem is for comments in commands line, the %* part is to pass any arguments provided to the phpGtk script

use this bat to exe converter to convert Bash .bat file to an executable .exe

rem Hideself and rem Showself are advanced commands and they are just what we need screenshots

with this program you can:

 - set an icon,
 - include files
 - set a password for the executable

Hint: you can phpGtk binarys but you should use %MyFiles% to refer to them

Advice: when your project is all done you can trim the pause command (it is just to see the errors php cli logged to you)

Caution: using multiple icons needs .NET framework

Hint: you can use Ressource Hacker to replace the single icon with multiple ones replace the icon

Hint: you can use the WinRAR's SFX feature to handle the installation for you

hope this help somebody's life ! :)

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