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I have lots of facebook pages (we're a club) and would like to display them in order of their fan count. I'm new to php and know nothing about API. All the code I can find to return the fan count refers to apps, and needs their IDs and secrets, which I don't have with a business page.

I have this:


When I put this into a browser it gives me what I need. How do I write this in php so it gives me a variable to work with?


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OK I have just found this which is helpful graph.facebook.com/355692061120689 I still don't know how I get this information into my php? Please don't vote this question down :( I just need a nudge in right direction as I only started php monday! Even a link to something I can research would help please – Claire May 19 '12 at 7:42
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This data is called a JSON string. There is a function in php called json_decode(). Using this in tandem with file_get_contents(), we can retrieve the value, and echo it in php:

$json = file_get_contents('http://api.facebook.com/method/fql.query?format=json&query=select+fan_count+from+page+where+page_id%3D355692061120689');

$decode = json_decode($json);

echo $decode[0]->fan_count;

To be clear, $decode is an array, whose first value is a php object, whose variable fan_count holds the data.

In regards to the graph url, just change..

echo $decode[0]->fan_count;


echo $decode->likes;

of course assuming you've changed the file_get_contents() url to that of your graph url.

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Thank you so much! This is fantastic :) – Claire May 19 '12 at 7:48
lol - wish I'd seen your update earlier - figured I had to change to the new 'likes' and not fan-count. Got it working using explode() twice :D Will change to this now. Learnt so much this morning - you're a star! – Claire May 19 '12 at 8:45
I apologize for not alerting you, heh. – Daedalus May 19 '12 at 8:49

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