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tasks 1: Add a new button to the front screen, on the top. The button will be used to end a current call. You will remove the menu item and substitute it with a `end call' button press listener. Add new button in the xml le, add the button reference and press listener in your code. Transfer the code for terminating the call from the menu item to your new listener. Remove the menu item.

task 2:Extend the application in such a way that walkie-talkie mode can be turned o. To achieve that, add a boolean toggle button (checkbox), that will control the walkie talkie button being enabled or disabled. You will have to modify the code in such a way that it works like normal phone, when the walkie-talkie mode is OFF. To achieve that check the walkie-talkie button onTouch listener (WalkieTalkieActivity, line 264), modify the code to take into account extra boolean ag. Add new UI element to the activity UI xml template, and attach the handle in your code. Default should be Walkie-Talkie mode.

I m new beginner on Android. Hope someone can help me with these 2 tasks. Cheers

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Tell us what you have tried. Ask questions about specific problems. Stack Overflow is not a "do my homework for me" site – Rajesh May 19 '12 at 7:49
sorry about that! We have worked out task1 and most of codes on task2. BUT still one question left. After adding up the Checkbox(which control walkietalkie function to turn on or turn off), when checkbox is selected, walkietalkie works well. However, when checkbox isnt selected, all voice seems to be muted. In other word, it doesnt work like normal phone. Should I call the exist function or set up new function to do it as a normal phone?? – Joyce Zhang May 29 '12 at 5:04

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