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If I have a call like "Update(JsonObject body)" and the intent is to take an existing document and update some of the document but not all, how does that work?

  _id: "12345",
  name: "my name",
  email: "",
  privatefield: "secret data"

If the above is the currently stored document and the update is only allowed to contain "name" and "email", how can that work?

body = { 
  _id: "12345",
  name: "my name",
  email: ""

static public void Update(JsonObject body){
   Gson gs = new GsonBuilder().create();
   MyModel m = gs.fromJson(body, MyModel.class);
   // this call erases "privatefield" from the document

If I use the Gson().fromJson(...) call, the object is created missing the privatefield value. Now I need to manually merge them. What if the updated email value is null on purpose? How does the merge work?

I get the feeling I need to manually map all this stuff which seems so anti-play.

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I've submitted an issue to request a feature in PlayMorphia to solve this problem:

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