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Is it possible to use Python to write cross-platform apps for both iOS and Android

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duplicate? –  keyser May 19 '12 at 10:07
@keyser i am not convinced by the selected answer of that question, I think it can be used and to confirm I asked that question –  user1404932 May 19 '12 at 10:16

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Yes, but it ain't pretty.

For Android Google provides something called ASE (Android Scripting Environment) which allows scripting languages (Python included) to run on Android. More details here

For iOS, it might be quite a bit more complicated (and I'd advise to check the latest version of iOS SDK agreement to check the current state of the law - apple tends to allow & disallow such apps periodically). For the technical part you might need to interface between Python & Objective C as well as do some wizardry to statically link all the libraries Python requires; full details are available here. Another approach for iOS Python development would be to embed a Python interpreter into you app and distribute your Python script with it (so to play nicely with Apple rules). In this case your Python application would be a Python interpreter which is packaged with your script and runs it automatically. As I've said - it ain't pretty

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also this is precisely the aim of Kivy (kivy.org) - it's a framework to write touch-friendly applications in Python and package them for different platforms. It's had Android support for a while, and recently added iOS support –  Raheel May 19 '12 at 10:09

An option is kivy.org: a cool cross platform python framework which works for Android, Win7, Linux, MacOSX and iOS.

Update: kivy project is growing daily, now supports also Raspberry Pi

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And now there is PyMob - a framework that generates native code for Android, iOS, WM, etc. It has not been publicly released yet. The only thing the site says at the moment is "We are accepting customers for a limited Beta program."

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