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i have this following jquery to load partial view in a div

 var acc = this.id;    
$('#details').load('/AccountAndTransaction/Grab', function (html)
            { $('#details')[0].value = html; });

and its working good , but now i want to pass 'var acc' with this load method , how can i achiev this??


    public ActionResult Grab(string AccountNumber)

        TermDepositAccountViewModel tdParent = new TermDepositAccountViewModel();
        account ac = db.accounts.Single(u => u.accountNumber == AccountNumber);
        deposittd td = db.deposittds.Single(u => u.accountNumber == AccountNumber);
        tdParent.deposittd = td;
        tdParent.account = ac;
        return PartialView("TermDepositPartialView", tdParent);
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You just need to pass the acc as part of the URL. Since you have named your parameter in the Action method as AccountNumber it should be in this format.

$('#details').load('/AccountAndTransaction/Grab?AccountNumber=' + acc, function (html)

if your parameter name is id you can have it in this format (as in the default route the optional parameter is mapped as id, it should be automatically handled)

$('#details').load('/AccountAndTransaction/Grab/' + acc, function (html)
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     //var AccountNumber=   $(this).attr('id');  // try this

     $('#details').load('/AccountAndTransaction/Grab', {
          AccountNumber:AccountNumber} function (html){   
          $('#details:first').html(data); });

          var AccountNumber = $(this).attr('id');
                url: '/AccountAndTransaction/Grab', type: 'Get', dataType: 'json',
                data: { AccountNumber: AccountNumber },
                success: function (data) {
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please , never use $(this).attr('id') again. –  tereško Jun 12 '12 at 16:58

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