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I know this is available in version 2.x of Google Maps API. But I couldn't find how to use it in v3, I'm not even sure if it's implemented yet. Does anyone have any idea?

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Apparently, it's available now in v3 too. – rabin Dec 13 '09 at 23:37
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You are correct.

This functionality isn't supported by the v3 API yet. See the Feature Request: Add Scroll wheel zoom in v3.


Looks like someone has developed a third party library to do this stuff (via ChrisB).

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Thanks. I just couldn't see any reason why it shouldn't be in v3 when it was already available in v2.x – rabin Jul 1 '09 at 2:12
Understandable. I guess you have to keep in mind the v3 is not an iterative upgrade from v2, but a complete re-write. Google have released it early for our benefit, but it is not all there yet :). – RedBlueThing Jul 1 '09 at 2:23

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