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iPad safari is supposed to be html5 compliant, but it seems that the required element doesn't work. Anyone know why, or have a decent workaround that doesn't require a ton of JavaScript?

My code

<input type=email class=input placeholder="Email" name="email" required>
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Can you try <input type=email class=input placeholder="Email" name="email" required /> or <input type=email class=input placeholder="Email" name="email" required="" />. –  Chris May 19 '12 at 10:35
Did you try with required /> instead of required> ? –  Hidde May 19 '12 at 10:38

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It's not supported in iOS yet: when can I use: required.

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If you are already using jQuery, Modernizr, and yepnope, this is one way to deal with it. If you aren't then this will add a lot of extra javascript.

My solution

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This is a jQuery solution to the issue, it highlights the input fields that have failed in a pinky colour too.

    var required = $('[required="true"]'); // change to [required] if not using true option as part of the attribute as it is not really needed.
    var error = false;

    for(var i = 0; i <= (required.length - 1);i++)
        if(required[i].value == '') // tests that each required value does not equal blank, you could put in more stringent checks here if you wish.
            required[i].style.backgroundColor = 'rgb(255,155,155)';
            error = true; // if any inputs fail validation then the error variable will be set to true;     

    if(error) // if error is true;
        return false; // stop the form from being submitted.
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