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I want to create a fillable PDF using Open Office or something which is open source. With Open Office I created the fillable PDF and it works fine with Foxit Reader; we can also save it. Now the problem is I have an image in the PDF which should also be fillable, like the other fields. User should be able to put his/her image in the image box and save it.

Later I will be reading the PDF using iTextSharp to retrieve the field's values and save it in the database. Other than the image everything works fine. I tried to create the image box with Open Office but when I open it in the PDF reader I cannot change the picture and moreover how will I read the image using iTextSharp and display it on the picture box so that user can save all the data in the database in future?

I tried with this but its showing null value

string pdfTemplate = @"c:\Temp\PDF\Untitled 1.pdf";

            var reader = new PdfReader(pdfTemplate);
            var output = new MemoryStream();
            var stamper = new PdfStamper(reader, output);
            //textBox2.Text = stamper.AcroFields.GetField("f1_09(0)");

            Bitmap bimg = new Bitmap(stamper.AcroFields.GetField("ImageControl"));
            System.Drawing.Image tempimg = bimg;

            pictureBox1.Image = tempimg;

            stamper.FormFlattening = true;
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Would you show what code you have presently to extract the image from the PDF? –  halfer May 19 '12 at 12:15
@halfer: But first i have to insert the image. So i was asking how to insert the image box so user insert his/her image and save the PDF –  Aaraadhana May 19 '12 at 12:36
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It is not possible to 'put an image into a fillable form'. The PDF specification only supports fillable text, not images...

Here is a list of the general types for interactive AcroForm elements which are available according to the PDF-1.7 ISO specification:

  • Button fields represent interactive controls on the screen that the user can manipulate with the mouse. They include pushbuttons, check boxes, and radio buttons.
  • Text fields are boxes or spaces in which the user can enter text from the keyboard.
  • Choice fields contain several text items, at most one of which may be selected as the field value. They include scrollable list boxes and combo boxes.
  • Signature fields represent digital signatures and optional data for authenticating the name of the signer and the document’s contents.

As you can see, there are no images in this list...

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