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Given a IPv4 address in the form of a string (ex. "") and a netmask (ex. "" or "25" for number of bits in network part) I need to compute the broadcast address, which may be by either zeroing or one-ing the bits in the host part (depending on the IPUseZeroBroadcast property which I can query via WMI).

I'm examining the System.Net.IPAddress class but it looks insufficient to the task. Any suggestions?

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I don't know of any built in, functions, but you could calculate it yourself easily enough

static IPAddress ComputeBroadcastIP(IPAddress ip, IPAddress netmask)
    byte[] ipBytes = ip.GetAddressBytes();
    byte[] maskBytes = netmask.GetAddressBytes();
    byte[] broadcastBytes = new byte[ipBytes.Length];

    for (int i = 0; i < broadcastBytes.Length; i++)
        broadcastBytes[i] = (byte)(ipBytes[i] | ~maskBytes[i]);

    return new IPAddress(broadcastBytes);

You could also do

IPAddress broadcast = new IPAddress((ip.Address | (~mask.Address)) & 0xffffffff);

but the .Address property is deprecated.

Note that to convert a string like "" to an IPAddress, you can call IPAddress.Parse, e.g.

IPAddress foo = IPAddress.Parse("");
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