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I'm struggling to understand how to use HaXml to parse the following XML file (as an example):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Specifically, how do I:

  • Identify that the XML document is well-formed (I assume that I use the function xmlParse, which should hopefully do this for me)
  • Identify that the XML document is valid
  • Find the tag and read the string "Mark" into a value of type String
  • Find the tag and read the number 2012 into a value of type Int

The (rather sparse) HaXml documentation doesn't seem very helpful and any blog/Stackoverflow entries are sketchy on this at best.


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Okay, so I solved my own question.

Basically xmlParse checks that the document is well-formed and a Unix command-line tool Validate checks that an .xml file conforms to an associated .dtd file.

To find a specific tag drill-down into the document using the /> operator.

So use something like tag <tagname1> /> tag <tagname2> /> txt $ getContents xmlContents

Here xmlContents is the result of xmlParse and getContents is defined as

getContents (Document _ _ e _) = CElem e noPos

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