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I'm using PrimeFaces' pickList component in my project. But the problem is the the action function is never called.

<p:pickList id="pickList" value="#{pickListBean.names}" var="name"
    itemLabel="#{name}itemValue="#{name}" />
<p:commandButton ajax="false" id="submit" value="Submit" type="submit"
    action="#{pickListBean.performAction}" />

My managed bean is given in the following:

public class PickListBean {
private DualListModel<String> names;
private List<String> nam1;
private List<String> nam2;

public PickListBean() {
    nam1 = new ArrayList<String>();
    nam2 = new ArrayList<String>();


    names = new DualListModel<String>(nam1, nam2);

public DualListModel<Player> getPlayers() {
    return players;
public void setPlayers(DualListModel<Player> players) {
    this.players = players;

public DualListModel<String> getNames() {
    return names;
public void setNames(DualListModel<String> names) {
    this.names = names;

public String performAction()
    for (Iterator iterator = nam2.iterator(); iterator.hasNext();) {
        String name = (String) iterator.next();
        System.out.print("\t" + name);
    return "";


I'll be thankful for help.

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Is this just a typo ? : itemLabel="#{name}itemValue="#{name}". You are missing a double quote and a space after "#{name}here in itemLabel. If it is a typo add <h:messages> to your .xhtml to check for errors. –  Fallup May 19 '12 at 12:43

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First of all, are the picklist and command button nested within a form? to check if action works take println out of for loop as it may be that u never get there

public String performAction() {



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Yes it works. But then how would I get the values selected from the pick list? –  Ammar May 20 '12 at 2:38

To get selected values use names.getTarget() and get a list of the selection.

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Yeah, there is. But it doesn't works for custom types. A converter a is required to handle such types. But I'm unable to write a correct a converter for pick list. Any help in this regard? –  Ammar May 21 '12 at 12:35

Ok then! so the problem is not as u identified as your action button works , and you would like to know how to retrieve the data from the dual list, did I understand correctly? If so then to get each position in the dual list you will have to

public void performAction(){
      String sor;
      String tar;


Where i is the number of current position in the list from upper side (so if i=0 u get most top position of each list) With simple for loop u can iterate to get all the entries. Also if u need to use the iterator I think u could use names.getSource().iterator() and the same for the getTarget(). Besides the iterator I tried the above solution and it worked so I hope it helps you.

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