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I'm using SkyDrive Live to upload files, but now I want to download the file I just uploaded. In the documentation it mentions a file ID but I'm not finding how I can get that ID.

I have a folder that I placed the file into so I would somehow need to pass the folder ID and then get the fileID...

Does anyone know how to do this or know of any tutorials on this?

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can you please help how to upload files from wp7 to skydrive ? –  DharaPPatel Mar 21 '13 at 10:16

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If you uploaded the file with SkyDrive SDK, then you get the fileId by the UploadCompleted event's e.Result["id"]

If you have the folderId, but not the fileId, then you can query the content of the folder with client.GetAsync(folderId/files). The GetCompleted event's e.Result["data"] returns a IDictionary of file descriptions, each containing the fileId. In this cased you need to identify the required file by dictionaryEntry["name"] or some other magic..

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