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I am developing web application on ASP.NET and I am getting textarea input from users and later display this input on website. While saving input into database I am not encoding input and directly write them into db.

If input contains "enter" I don't want to lose line breaks. So I am replacing data like that: Replace("\r\n", "<br />")

And to prevent XSS attack before displaying I am encoding data using Microsoft's AntiXSS library's Microsoft.Security.Application.Encoder.HtmlEncode function.

This function also encodes "<br/>" and on screen I don't have any line break.

If I encode first with AntiXSS and then replace "\r\n" with "<br/>" I am not getting any line break as well, since AntiXSS I think removes "\r\n".

If I use Server.HtmlEncode and then replace "\r\n" with "<br/>" then everything is fine. But I want to use AntiXSS library and I don't know how to achieve this.

Is there any way to print line breaks using AntiXSS HtmlEncode function?


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I'm not sure if this question has since been answered, but I encountered it today so thought I'd share my finding.

The problem was, the AntiXss encoder was (rightly) encoding newlines and carriage returns; these however weren't correctly being rendered. After doing a quick bit of research, I discovered that we can use the preformatted (pre) tag to ensure these HTML encoded newlines and carriage returns are actually respected and rendered. This also means we don't need to worry about manually replacing characters with <br />.

More information on <pre> can be found here.


<pre><asp:Label ID="MyHtmlEncodedLabel" runat="server" /></pre>
-----                                                    ------


this.MyHtmlEncodedLabel.Text = AntiXss.HtmlEncode(someStringWithNewLines);
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