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I'm relatively new to love2d and was wondering if there is a simple way to draw a linear gradient without using an image. I'm trying to draw a scene that is at dusk, and want a subtle gradient from the top of the background to the bottom, but creating an image large enough to fill the background seems like it would be too large.

Any thoughts?

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Although I can't determine a way to do it from the love2D API, you would do it in OpenGL by setting the vertex colours of a quad (so lower vertices would be set to black and upper vertices to blue, for instance). –  ravuya May 19 '12 at 13:54

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Try using an image which is 1px wide by the height needed, and repeat it horizontally like so:

-- load
bgImage = love.graphics.newImage('gradient.png')
bgImage:setWrap('repeat', 'clamp')
bgQuad = love.graphics.newQuad(
    0, 0,
    WIDTH, bgImage:getHeight(),
    bgImage:getWidth(), bgImage:getHeight()

-- draw
love.graphics.drawq(bgImage, bgQuad, X, Y)

Replace X, Y, and WIDTH with the values you need. Using a quad here allows Löve to handle the horizontal repeat for really fast drawing.

(Hopefully this works, I haven't tested it.)

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If you are worried about the size of the image and the performance, the best way is making an image with 1 x n pixels, where n is the number of colors on the gradient. for example, if you want an vertical background-gradient with 2 colors:



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