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I have seen plenty on how to fetch dictionaries and things from plists but how do I specify specifically which array I want to grab from my plist?

E.g. I have two arrays in a plist, one called array1 and another called array2 how do I end up with two NSArrays?


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In a .plist file your root object is either an array or a dictionary. If you say, you have 2 arrays in your plist, called array1 and array2, that means your root object is a dictionary. So you load your plist into an NSDictionary and access your arrays like this:

NSDictionary *myPlistRoot = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithContentsOfFile:plistPath];
NSArray *array1 = [myPlistRoot objectForKey:@"array1"];
NSArray *array2 = [myPlistRoot objectForKey:@"array2"];
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The arrays will just be contained within the dictionary, so you get them out the same way you get any object out of a dictionary:

NSArray *array1 = [someDictionary objectForKey:@"array1"];
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