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The example here


Provides the following code

var story1 = new Story({
      title: "A man who cooked Nintendo"
    , _creator: aaron._id

_creator is defined above as follows

_creator : { type: Schema.ObjectId, ref: 'Person' }

If I modify the code to the following

  var story1 = new Story({
      title: "A man who cooked Nintendo"
    , _creator: {name: 'test'}

It seems to happily insert the data into MongoDB.

{ "title" : "A man who cooked Nintendo", "_creator" : { "name" : "test" }, "_id" : ObjectId("4fb7a55315c5f2de07000002"), "fans" : [ ] }

How would I catch the error before insertion? I would like to check that it is not only an ObjectId but also that it corresponds to a valid Person.

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To continue what @JohnnyHK proposed, here is a complete solution(assuming _creator is a reference to a numeric id).

If you want to check if the value is a valid ObjectId

function isObjectId(n) {
  return mongoose.Schema.ObjectId.isValid(n);

validate: [validator, 'my error type']

_creator : { type: Schema.ObjectId, ref: 'Person', validate: isObjectId }
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this gives TypeError: Object function ObjectId(key, options) { SchemaType.call(this, key, options, 'ObjectID'); } has no method 'isValid' –  Tom Sep 19 '13 at 20:27
@Tom: Seems it was taken out of the newer versions. –  Stanislav Palatnik Sep 19 '13 at 23:19
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The method isValid does not exist (anymore?), your best bet is a simple regular expression, as provided here

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You could add validation to the _creator field of the schema as described here.

_creator : { type: Schema.ObjectId, ref: 'Person', validate: ... }
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