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I am unable to understand what the disableWakeEvent parameter of the SetSuspendState function does.

The msdn explains it as "true to disable restoring the system's power status to active on a wake event, false to enable restoring the system's power status to active on a wake event."

So my question is, if I set it as true, and try to switch on my system after hibernate/suspend, will my system wake up or not?

Application.SetSuspendState(PowerState.Suspend, true, true);
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It's explained a bit better in the equivalent native API documentation.


If this parameter is TRUE, the system disables all wake events. If the parameter is FALSE, any system wake events remain enabled.

Wake events are things like scheduled tasks that can wake the machine. For example, perhaps you have a scheduled task to wake the machine up to perform a full virus scan once a week.

Setting disableWakeEvent to true will disable all those other wake events. So when the system suspends, it stays suspended even if any such wake events are defined.

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