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I am a complete beginner in coding and so need help in making a very simple page. I want to make a database searcher for our inter school school sports. I some have data in a Mysql, Those are event type,event time,event location,event date I want to present user with 3 drop down menus in a php page:-

  1. Event Type

  2. Event Location

  3. Event Date

  4. Go button.

Then it displays the filtered result in a list of vertical boxes,each box containing all the information about the event as mentioned above.

If anyone could help me then I would be a lot thankful.

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I'm afraid you won't get many responses by simply asking people to provide you with a complete solution. Start by yourself and then ask more specific questions relating to problems you are having. Start with your presentation layer; the page with the dropdowns and the button. Then add code to connect to the database. Then add code to show the results. Good luck! – Ste May 19 '12 at 14:17
hope this query would help you... select * from myTable where eventType = 'inputEventType' and eventLocation = 'inputEventLocation' and eventDate = 'inputEvent' – Fahim Parkar May 19 '12 at 14:44

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