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I'm a newbie to programming, so forgive me if my question sounds stupid.

I'm trying to create an application in VB.Net using Visual Studio 2010 which can download the atom feed of a users starred items in Google Reader. In theory, it works by taking the URL of the first XML file from the user and using the value of continuation node in the feed to get every following XML file. Since Google limits it to 20 items per file, it would download each file and then merge it all into one. I'm using WebClient to download the file to the local machine.

The problem is that I've stumbled at the first hurdle. The XML file is protected by a login form. Attempts to download the file are intercepted and redirected to

I can't figure out how to pass that authentication page. I've tried to pass parameters through a query string in my normal browser to test different methods (example:[email]&Passwd=[password]) but nothing seems to work.

I've looked at OAuth2 which Google apparently uses I can't make sense of how to implement it in VB.Net. I 've also looked at possibly using an embedded web browser to get the user to login via a browser (less than ideal, but if it work), but I'm not sure if passing cookies from a web browser control to a webclient control will work (or if it's possible).

Anyone care to point me in the right direction?

(Possibly) related information: XML file url:[GOOGLEUSERID]/state/

XML file example:

<feed [...Lots of attributes...]>
    <!-- Content-type: Preventing XSRF in IE. -->
    <generator uri="">Google Reader</generator>
    <gr:continuation>[CONTINUATION CODE]</gr:continuation>
    <link rel="self" href="[URL]"/>
    <entry gr:crawl-timestamp-msec="1337352574178">...</entry>
    [... more entries ...]
    <entry gr:crawl-timestamp-msec="1337352560791">...</entry>


I've just tried" & txtGUser.Text & "Passwd=" & txtGPass.Text But that's returning a 403 Forbidden error. I get the feeling that's possibly some progress, but I'm still stuck.

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Thanks @Jason. I'm off the project for a few weeks now until exams are over but I'll come back to this when I'm back at it. – user1405210 May 21 '12 at 15:06

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