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In the following LINQ query, i would like when the Loc=Locale.Gr all the records with GrID=100 returned and when the Loc is anything else all the other records with GrID <> 100 returned.

How can i achieve this one? I tried something like the following, but it is totally wrong.

PrivateSub Test(Byval Loc as Locale)
    Private Const GrID as integer = 100
    Dim Query = From c In Mob Where c.CountryID = IIf(Loc = Locale.Gr, GrID, <> GrID) select c
End Sub


Of course i could use something like

If Loc = Locale.Gr Then
 Query = From c In Mob Where c.CountryID = GrID 
 Query = From c In Mob Where Not c.CountryID = GrID 
End If

but it is not elegand

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Think about it in a logical way - you have two conditions when you want a record returned:

Loc = Locale.Gr AND GrID = 100

Loc <> Locale.Gr AND GrId <> 100

Now make a Where clause by combining both of these conditions with an OR (since only one of them is going to be true) and you have your query.

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Hello sir, i think sometimes i am thinking too complicated but the AND will never be TRUE (second line) since the GrID is declared as a Const with a value of 100 – OrElse May 19 '12 at 15:11
@Chocol8: What does this mean in your question then: "when the Loc is anything else all the other records with GrID <> 100 returned" ? – BrokenGlass May 19 '12 at 15:40
Hello Sir but my English is horrible. Can you please see the update? – OrElse May 19 '12 at 16:00

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