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Using xcode I would like to see a diff between a working copy of a file and the latest commit in the respository. I know that if I commit I can get the comparison. And I know I do it from the command line using 'git diff'. But is there a way to do it from the xcode GUI?

I keep thinking there must be a way to do this, but can't find it.

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It's not exactly diff but you can get a side-by-side comparison using the version editor button, just above the word "Editor" at the top-right of your Xcode window.

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I have discovered a way to do what I want to do. If you hit the commit button on the repository page you are presented with the commit view which provides an opportunity to diff the about to be committed versions of each file with the latest commit in the current branch. You can review your diffs and then cancel the commit.

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