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I got the following function, that loops through all table ths and builds an array based on the selectors values.

The output is a numeric array, containing sub objects as values.

Now .get() allows me to build the array, but I can't find out how to set this to an associative array.

Question: How would I add the first table cell value as assoc array index?

( function( $ ) 
    $.fn.loadTableData = function( selectors )
        var id = $( this ).attr( 'id' );

         * Get the output array keys from the <thead/tfoot> cell/th #ids
        var columns = $( '#' + id + ' table th' ).map( function($) 
            // This assumes that your headings are suitable to be used as
            // JavaScript object keys. If the headings contain characters 
            // that would be invalid, such as spaces or dashes, you should
            // use a regex here to strip those characters out.
            return jQuery( this ).attr( 'id' );
        } );

         * Get the cell data, based on the selector object values by index
         * @return row 
        var cell_data = $( '#' + id + ' table tr' ).map( function( index )
            var row = {};

            // Skip empty rows (example: <thead/tfoot>)
            if ( 0 === $( this ).find( 'td' ).length )

            // Find all of the table cells on this row.
            $( this ).find( 'td' ).each( function( index, value ) 
                // Skip empty keys
                if ( undefined == selectors[ index ] )

                // Determine the cell's column name by comparing its index
                // within the row with the columns list we built previously.
                var row_name = columns[ index ];

                // Add a new property to the row object, using this cell's
                // column name as the key and the cell's text as the value.
                if ( 'text' === selectors[ index ] )
                    row[ row_name ] = $( this ).text();
                    row[ row_name ] = $( this ).find( selectors[ index ] ).val();
            } );

            // Finally, return the row's object representation, to be included
            //  in the array that $.map() ultimately returns.
            return row;

            // Don't forget .get() to convert the $ set to a regular array.
        } ).get();

        return cell_data;
} )( jQuery );


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There are no associative arrays in javascript. Just use an object:

var myObject = new Object();

Then you can use numbers or strings in that object:

myObject = { 'foo' : 'bar' }

Hope this helps :)

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Well, ok.. That doesn't answer my question... –  kaiser May 20 '12 at 17:34
Why not? You want an assoc array such as this one array('foo' => 'bar') but in javascript right? Well, the only way is using an object such as {'foo' : 'bar'}. Can you rephrase your question so I understand better? –  John Shepard May 20 '12 at 22:30
Ok. I know the difference between array and object. :) Currently I'm using .get() to build the array (@see cell_data). How would you alter above ↑ code to get an object with a named key instead of the array? –  kaiser May 21 '12 at 1:37
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The solution wasn't that hard at the end: Used .each() instead of .map() and then assigned to the output object[ final_index ] instead of using .get().

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