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I'm looking for a VS2008 AddIn or utility that improves on "Find In Files".

The main feature I'm looking for is to show the names of the methods that contain the matching string, preferably in a TreeView.

For example, if I did a search for variable "string1", I'd like to see something similar to the following:

    string1 = "abcd";
    string1 = "efgh";
    string1 = "wxyz";

This would indicate that "File1.cs" has a method called "method1" that sets the variable in two places, and "File2.cs" has a method called "method2" that sets the variable in one place.

A TreeView style display is really nice, but not essential. The key feature is showing the method name - this is a tremendous aid in zeroing in on the results you are interested in!

AxTools "CodeSMART for VB6" has this feature, and it works brilliantly. However, the .NET version does not seem to work nearly as well, and the free demo I tried had other problems, so I'm looking for alternatives.

Any suggestions?

-Tom Bushell

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ReSharper is what you want. The ReSharper "Find" commands can display the found text in context, and can also organize the set of results in many different ways.

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Thanks John - Resharper does exactly what I wanted, plus a whole lot more. Did "Find Usages", and then set "Group By:" to "Type & Member" - works great! I'd mod you up, but as a fairly new Stack Overflow user, I don't have the rep points to allow voting yet (I would think I should be able to vote on answers to my own questions, at least, but no) –  Tom Bushell Jul 1 '09 at 23:43
Anyone else have a suggestion, before I mark this "answered"? Also, if someone would kindly upvote the question, I'll be able to start voting on other answers. –  Tom Bushell Jul 2 '09 at 15:01
Done :-D. I use Resharper as well and am more then pleased with it too. –  Colin Jul 2 '09 at 15:08

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